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I have 3 tables, Users, Employees and Teachers.
Employees joins users ON user_id and Teachers joins users ON user_id as well.
Employees and Teachers have some matching field names as well.

I need combined results and all 3 tables.
For example I need name from these tables

I tried the below query.

I want to know how to use this query in codeigniter query builder to get the results.

What I have tried:

(SELECT IF( IS NULL or = '',, as name  FROM users u
LEFT JOIN teachers t ON = t.user_id
LEFT JOIN employees e on = e.user_id) x
Updated 28-Mar-21 6:10am
nyt1972 28-Mar-21 12:10pm    
I resolved my problem by combining results array.

$results = array_merge($result1,$result2);

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