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I have the following HTML code:

<pre><form method = "POST" name = "submissionsFrom">

        Full Name:
        <input type = "text" name = "subject" value = "" id = "name">
        <textarea name = "message" id = "message"></textarea> 
        Select file:
        <input type = "file" accept = ".docx" required id = "file" name = "file"> 

     <input type="button" value="Send Email" onclick="sendEmail()"/>

And this is my JavaScript (using SMTP):

let name = document.forms["submissionsFrom"]["name"].value;
    var message = document.forms["submissionsFrom"]["message"].value;
    var file = document.forms["submissionsFrom"]["file"];
    function sendEmail() {
    message = document.getElementById("message").value;

    Host: "",
    Username : "",
    Password : "passwordHere",
    To : '',
    From : "",
    Subject : "Email Submission",
    Body : message,
    Attachments : [
        // name : "", // <-- Here, I'd like for the user's file to be an attachment,
        // path: ""  // not an already assigned attachment.

        message => alert("Submission sent!")


What I want is, instead of a file already assigned with the attachments array, I'd like for the user to attach a file and send it in the email along with the body text that they put in. I already have the rest working, but I'm struggling with figuring out how to make the user upload a file that'll be sent in the email.

What I have tried:

I've tried to grab the file and with JavaScript get its name hoping that this would work so I don't have to manually put in the file:

message = document.getElementById("message").value;
           var fileName = document.getElementById('file').files[0].name;

This code above gives me the file name. And with that, I use the variable "fileName" and place it in here:

Attachments : 
                name : fileName,
                path: ""


I'm struggling to figure out how to get the path through with JavaScript.
And to be fair, I'm not too sure a method like this would work anyways. What's an alternative solution for what I'm trying to solve?

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