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What encoding format is this? "xx/r/x01/x03/x.../r/n"

I need to convert it into format "78780d0103...0d0a". In python I am able to convert it properly using codecs and decode.

hexbytedata = codecs.encode(received,"hex") hexdata = hexbytedata.decode("utf-8")

Can anyone help me for this in java?

What I have tried:

I have tried jython codec , xml.bind libraries options with no luck
Updated 4-Mar-21 6:11am

1 solution

it's just characters - it's a string representation of the byte values.
Because you can't type "carriage return" (0x0d as a byte) and "line feed" (0x0a as a byte) values on a keyboard, many languages let you insert them to strings using an "escape character" followed by a normal character which says what byte value is to be generated. Often the escape characters is a backslash, but in this case it's a forward slash.
Common escape sequences would probably include:
/r   0x0d   Carriage return
/n   0x0a   Line feed
/t   0x09   Tab
//   0x2f   /
In this case, the "/xyz" would problem mean "the byte value yz in hexadecimal".
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