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Is System.Security.Cryptography.OpenSSL namespace works for Widnows?

What I have tried:

I want to implement security via OpenSSL starting from beginner stage.
Updated 4-Mar-21 3:30am
Kenneth Haugland 18-Feb-21 15:52pm    
Yes. Or No. Hard to tell. You must explain further.
DoingWork 21-Feb-21 10:20am    
If someone demand to encrypt some text by OpenSSL then Can I use System.Security.Cryptography ? I am beginner.
#realJSOP 27-Feb-21 15:39pm    
All beginners should learn how to use google to find answers for questions like this.
DoingWork 4-Mar-21 9:06am    
There are other platforms available where jokers can perform. If you don't know the answer of any question then don't put your hand in running machine. Yes I am beginner and I am asking from professionals, not from jokers. I have already googled it and unable to find appropriate answer. Anyhow Thanks for your reply. :P
#realJSOP 4-Mar-21 10:08am    
You have the library - write some f*ckin code to find the answers on your own. None of us have skin in the game, so we don't generally care enough to check it ourselves. Not only that, but we're not going to tolerate being told what your requirements are in a onesie-twosie fashion.

1 solution

This took all of 20 seconds to find:
Provides cryptographic algorithm implementations and key management for non-Windows systems with OpenSSL.
NuGet Gallery | System.Security.Cryptography.OpenSsl 5.0.0[^]

And on RSAOpenSsl Class (System.Security.Cryptography) | Microsoft Docs[^] you find:
The RSAOpenSsl class is an implementation of the RSA algorithm using OpenSSL. It isn't available on Windows and is only available on other operating systems when OpenSSL is installed. For applications which aren't doing OpenSSL-specific interop, you're encouraged to use RSA.Create instead of referencing this type directly.
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#realJSOP 4-Mar-21 10:09am    
Now you've done it. You've implied that a simple google search would answer his question.
[no name] 4-Mar-21 17:16pm    
Only allowed to high rep mems ;P

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