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I have transaction table like below where transaction entry will insert and after that validation is happening for transaction such as
no account number perform transaction more than 5000 ( 5K) in a Month.
Now in below scenario both the transaction will process successfully as its comes from different session via API in same time.

<pre>tranid	Amount	AccountNumber	TrnTime
1001	5000	12345		2021-01-31 20:20:57.713
1002	2000	12345		2021-01-31 20:20:57.713

SQL Query
select sum(Amount) from tblTransaction with(NOLOCK)
where DebitAccount='12345' and MONTH(TrnTime)=MONTH(GETDATE())

What I have tried:

I removed with(NOLOCK) but query performance very slow .This table contain records more than crores and same time almost 100 transactions coming per millisecond so I have restriction on removing no lock which will create locking/delay in other transaction processing.
Updated 4-Feb-21 23:18pm

1 solution

Using NOLOCK is not a good solution. It will cause lots of problems.
Bad habits : Putting NOLOCK everywhere[^]

It would be better to fix the indexes and/or partitioning on your table so that you can run the query without using this dangerous hint.
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vishal_h 5-Jul-21 9:49am    
Index and partitioning is already in place but the issue with concurrency as we have to calculate the SUM(Amount) on the fly to validate each concurrence request.

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