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I'm developing a UWP application that opens a
"SerialDevice" that is a CYPRESS ARM
micrcontroller with "Azure RTOS" and "USBX" library.

The "USBX" library instantiates CDC ACM connection.

The micrcontroller send every second a USB packet with a unknown length from 8 to 512 bytes.

I have to read this packet in my UWP application.

I use this code.

async void my_routine(SerialDevice serialDevice)

  var dataReader = new DataReader(serialDevice.InputStream)
    InputStreamOptions = InputStreamOptions.Partial

     // wait packet
     await dataReader.LoadAsync(512);

     // Read first byte that is an OPERATION_CODE
     var opCode = dataReader.ReadByte();

I don't understand why the code stucks at

await dataReader.LoadAsync(512);

even if I set

InputStreamOptions = InputStreamOptions.Partial

where microsoft ensures

The asynchronous read operation completes when one or more bytes is available.

Can someone help me ?

What I have tried:

I try not to use

await dataReader.LoadAsync(512);

I try to use

await dataReader.LoadAsync(1);

and calculate how many bytes from OPERATION_CODE
Gerry Schmitz 4-Feb-21 10:10am    
Seems there a lot more to the story than what you're showing.
Mauro Fantina 5-Feb-21 2:13am    
What I'm missing ?
Gerry Schmitz 5-Feb-21 6:41am    
You've shown a useless code "fragment" ... we're supposed to "assume" you did the proper setup. Some of us don't (assume).

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