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I have been using below formula and trying to convert it into Google Sheet App Script. Because I am using number of such conditions with that formula to populate a single result.

And this formula is becoming bigger and bigger day by day. So looking forward to your response if someone can replace it with a script so i will try to replace other conditions as well.

I have tried to replace it but it was not working even a single line.

Your help will be highly appreciated for this issue.


    IF(OR(AND(DATEDIF($J5,$H5,"D")<1095,$AE5="")),"***MADE ( " &TEXT($H5,"MM-DD-YYYY")&")- " & 
IF(AND(DATEDIF($J5,$H5,"D")<1095,$AE5=""), " MIS? "&",",""),"***MADE ( " &TEXT($H5,"MM-DD-YYYY")&")- " &" COMPLETE -2021 ")& 

    IF(OR(AND(DATEDIF($J5,$H5,"D")<1095,$AE5<>""))," DONE=> "& 

    IF(AND(DATEDIF($J5,$H5,"D")<1095,$AE5<>""),"MIS "&TEXT($AE5," MM.DD.YYYY "&", "),""),"")&"***","*******"),"*******"),"ERROR")

My sheet Link.
Sheet1 - Google Sheets[^]

What I have tried:

Could not find anything relevant which could convert his into Google Sheet App Script.

function myFunction() {

 var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive().getSheetByName('DATA')
 var ss = sheet.getRange('AO3')

   if(ss.getRange("i5").getValue()!='' && ss.getRange("h5").getValue()!='')

ss = "Done";
Updated 28-Jan-21 5:43am

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