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I am working a client server application, would like your feedback on the approach I have used.

About application, its a client-server based application that uses traditional sockets as the communication happens real time. The application works was first created for desktop application but now adding support for web, .

To enable support I created a web services module that will interact with web UI, web services uses a table to save the messages that is to be sent to client. Server reads messages from table and sends to client using sockets. Below is the flow

Web UI<-->Web services <--> DB <--> Server <-(winsockets)-> client

I would like to know whether this approach is correct or not. As I have used DB as point communication between web services and server. I planned to use web socket but that could not be done because it would require change on server side which can be avoided if DB is used as point of communication. Also, both have to communicate with DB anyways.

What I have tried:

1. Could not use web sockets as it would require changes in desktop project which would indirectly require changes in client and communication formats.
2. Had to use traditional sockets between client-server because connections has to be alive so that real time data can be transferred as well sent on both sides.
Updated 16-Jan-21 12:09pm
Gerry Schmitz 17-Jan-21 8:46am    
If it works, it's "correct". A Bentley and a Yugo are both cars ...
joje1985 18-Jan-21 8:34am    
Thnx, just concerned about performance on larger connections connected.

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