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I would be really impressed if someone is experienced enough in coding to actually help me.

I am really stuck :(

Basically, I am trying to make an app that measures somebody's height automatically. So far, I can make it measure distances like the measure app in ios where I do it manually by clicking the button for the beginning of the measurement and the end of the measurement but I cannot teach it to do it automatically :( which is where you may be able to help me if you know how to do it...

(I can measure lengths manually with the app like the measure app in ios but I cannot actually make it measure somebody's height automatically... )

If anybody knows how to make it automatically measure somebody's height without me doing anything that would be a lifesaver, please please please tell me if you can! Thank you so much!!!!

What I have tried:

I looked online but found nothing that helps me unfortunately
Updated 1-Jan-21 18:08pm
Richard MacCutchan 2-Jan-21 5:40am    
The problem is getting the app to know which points to check for the start and end position. Which is not very simple.

1 solution

Could this be done by sonar? The user puts the phone on his head, then the phone sends out a chirp, the sound wave bounces off the ground and the microphone hears it.
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