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I have fetched a json array data in paramMap of array object but i get a result null.

I pass a parameter of array object in paramMap.

"currencies": [
                "code": "BGN",
                "name": "Bulgarian lev",
                "symbol": "лв"

how to access a data of currency code in paramMap.

Screenshot (184).png - Google Drive[^]

Screenshot (186).png - Google Drive[^]

Screenshot (187).png - Google Drive[^]

What I have tried:

I want to show a currency code data in console window by ParamMap.
Updated 20-Oct-20 22:39pm
Richard MacCutchan 21-Oct-20 3:51am    
Without seeing your code it is impossible even to guess what result you are referring to that is null.
Tarun Surana 21-Oct-20 4:39am    
i have a upload a images of the code plz see it and help me as soon as possible
Tarun Surana 21-Oct-20 5:30am    
Currency Filter - On clicking on currency name in any of the above view, all
countries view should open again but this time with a currency filter applied. I.e
it will display that currency filter has been applied, show the selected currency
and will should the country list which have the same currency(irrespective of
the region).

how to do this?

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