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I am trying to make a pop-up form in react ...

<div className="form-popup" id={"myForm"}>
    <Modal open={handleClose} onclose={handleShow} id={'content'}>
    <form react mailto='' className="form-container" >
     <label for="email">Email</label>
    <input type="text" placeholder={"Enter Email"} name={"email"} required />
    <label for={"name"}>Name</label>
    <input type={"text"} placeholder="Enter Name" name={"name"} required />
    <label for={"message"}>Message</label>
<textarea type="textarea" name={"message"} placeholder={"Your Message Here"} maxlength={"6000"} rows={"7"} required></textarea>
    <button type="submit" className={"btn"}>Submit</button>
    <button type="submit" className={"btn cancel"} onclick={handleShow}>Close</button>

    <button className="open-button" onclick={handleShow}>Contact Me</button>  

#content {
top: 50%;
left: 50%;
right: auto;
bottom: auto;
margin-right: -50%;
transform:translate(-50%, -50%);

/* Contact Form */

#contactbtn {
border-radius: 25px;
background: green;
cursor: pointer;
border-color: red;
box-shadow: 0px 20px 20px -20px;
width: 90px;
height: 35px;
position: fixed;
color: white;
bottom: 0 !important;
right: 0 !important;
justify-content: right !important;

#btncancel {
cursor: pointer;
align-self: left;
background: black;
color: white;
padding: 5px;
margin: 10px;
margin-left: 98px;
display: inline block;
font: 'Bree Serif', Georgia, serif;

.open-button {
background-color: blue;
color: white;
padding: 16px 20px;
border: none;
cursor: pointer;
opacity: 0.8;
position: fixed;
bottom: 23px;
right: 28px;
width: 280px;
margin-top: 95px;
border-radius: 5px 25px;

/* The popup form - hidden by default */
.form-popup {
display: true;
position: fixed;
bottom: 0;
right: 15px;
border: 3px solid #f1f1f1;
z-index: 9;

/* Add styles to the form container */
.form-container {
max-width: 300px;
padding: 10px;
background-color: white;

/* Full-width input fields */
.form-container input[type=text],
.form-container input[type=password] {
width: 100%;
padding: 15px;
margin: 5px 0 22px 0;
border: none;
background: #f1f1f1;

/* When the inputs get focus, do something */
.form-container input[type=text]:focus,
.form-container input[type=password]:focus {
background-color: #ddd;
outline: none;

/* Set a style for the submit/login button */
.form-container .btn {
background-color: #4CAF50;
color: white;
padding: 16px 20px;
border: none;
cursor: pointer;
width: 100%;
margin-bottom: 10px;
opacity: 0.8;

/* Add a red background color to the cancel button */
.form-container .cancel {
background-color: red;

/* Add some hover effects to buttons */
.form-container .btn:hover,
.open-button:hover {
opacity: 1;

handleShow = () => setState(setShow => {
return { setShow: true }

handleClose = () => setState(setShow => {
return { setShow: false }

What I have tried:

I tried just about everything to make the code work
Updated 23-Sep-20 10:24am

1 solution

Have a look at these example and try:
Create Simple Modal Pop-up with React | WebOmnizz[^]
Create simple Popup in ReactJS - Clue Mediator[^]

Alternatively, you can popup component like:
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