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I would like to create a custom File Open dialog where I can replace the default context menu options shown when the user right clicks one of the files in the list, with my own context menu.

What I have tried:


UINT CALLBACK OfnHookProc(HWND hDlg, UINT uMsg, UINT wParam, LONG lParam)

and then refer to it using
ofn.lpfnHook = OfnHookProc;

I guess the ideal solution will be a class derived from OPENFILENAME.
Updated 9-Sep-20 13:45pm

1 solution

I don't have a specific solution but you are on the right track. Ages ago, I made a derived FileOpenDialog class or what ever MFC calls its version and made a custom dialog that included a bitmap preview. That has since been render obsolete but that is what I did for it - added a custom lpfnHook procedure and then I made made message handlers in it to handle things for the previewer. That's one way you can go with it.

I think the recommend method today is to add a shell extension. The open file dialog is calling into the Shell API so it uses the same stuff the Explorer shell does. There are articles here on this topic. I suspect that is it a little more generic than you want go so you have both options. I think.

Yet another option is to make your own fully custom file open dialog and I have done this too. There is a DlgDirList family of functions to help with that. This will give you full control over the right click menu.

Best of luck.
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Michael Haephrati 10-Sep-20 7:14am    
DlgDirList - that's a good idea!
Michael Haephrati 10-Sep-20 7:49am    
Rick, if you happen to find some code snippet for hooking File Open dialog box, please let me know.
Rick York 10-Sep-20 13:50pm    
Here is one sample :

The article is lacking but the code is there. I think.
Michael Haephrati 10-Sep-20 14:12pm    
Adding controls is easy. Here is a better example: However, adding a Context Menu and hooking the Shell Extension options is tricky.

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