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I am creating an application where the user has the ability to modify student details and upload internship reports. The user also can SAVE AS DRAFT so they can work at a later time.

I am using AjaxFileUpload to allow users to upload multiple files at a time. If the user wants to continue working on the student details, the previously uploaded files must be loaded to the ajaxfileupload control. Is this possible? or isthere a better way?

What I have tried:

Using AjaxFileUpload, I tried searching the internet for a possible solution using this tool but not lucky
Updated 31-Aug-20 3:51am

Reference: AjaxFileUpload Sample[^]
AjaxFileUpload is an ASP.NET AJAX Control that allows you to asynchronously upload files to the server.

It's a control that uploads file (does not maintains state). It displays the file that were uploaded for that instance.

I inspected the HTML elements and maybe you can hack into the div that displays the uploaded items. You would need to find the div (seems class uploadedState) and then set the values in it along with visibility. Though I would not recommend it but is an option if really needed.

In case it helps, you can have a look at the code here[^].

Further, it is being maintained by DevExpress now and thus you can always talk to their contact/support: Tickets | DevExpress Support[^]
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It's not possible for security reasons. Maintaining state on a file upload would mean you would have the ability to force any file path you want on the control so you could use it to steal files from the client.

You could upload the files that have been selected right away and hold them in some kind of draft state, giving the user the option to delete\replace them.
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