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Well I am using django 3.0.3 and python 3.8.5..
ValidationError is not raising error even I am entering different emials...
I have tried so many possible way to raise error but non of them work..

What I have tried:


 class FormName(forms.Form):
        name = forms.CharField( required=True)
        email = forms.EmailField( required=True)
        vmail  = forms.EmailField( required=True)
        text = forms.CharField(widget = forms.Textarea)
    def clean(value):
        cleaned_data = super().clean()
        name = cleaned_data.get("name")
        email = cleaned_data.get("email")
        vmail = cleaned_data.get("vmail")
        if email != vmail:
            raise ValidationError("Emails are not match")

    def forms_web(request):
        forming = forms.FormName()
        if request.method == 'POST':
            forming = forms.FormName(request.POST)
            if forming.is_valid():
                print("VALIDATION SUCCESS!")
                print("NAME :" +forming.cleaned_data['name'])
                print("EMAIL :" +forming.cleaned_data['email'])
                print("VMAIL :" +forming.cleaned_data['vmail'])
                print("TEXT :" +forming.cleaned_data['text'])
        return render(request ,'django_App/forms.html',{'form':forming})
Updated 19-Aug-20 17:58pm
Richard MacCutchan 20-Aug-20 4:52am    
Without the data that you are running with it is impossible to tell. Use the debugger to find out what happens when you execute the comparison of the two emails. I alos noticed the following two lines:
email = forms.EmailField( required=True)
vmail  = forms.EmailField( required=True)

Is it correct that they both refer to the same form item?

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