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Hi Guys, i have a concern related to regex parsing.

here is requirement, match string data through regex and convert matching data into JSON format

i have data in below string format and i need to parse matching data into json

PC : 10%  Mat PC : 10%  DN : 20%
PC : 10%  Mat PC : 10%  OP Mat : 10%
PC : 10%  Mat PC : 10%  PH : 10%
PC : 10%  Mat PC : 10%  PH : 20%
PC : 10%  Mat PC : 10%  PH : 20% DN : 20%
PC : 10%  Mat PC : 10%  PH : 30%
PC : 10%  Mat PC : 10%  PH : 30%  DN : 20%
PC : 10%  Mat PC : 10%  PH : 30%  OP Mat : 10%

expected output in below format
"Mat PC":"10%",
"OP Mat":"10%"
"Mat PC":"10%",
"Mat PC":"10%",

What I have tried:

i wrote below pattern to match string data

(([a-zA-Z \+\.\&\/]+)(?=:)|((?<=:)[0-9 ]+(?=%))|(?<=[0-9])%)

this pattern is working perfectly on the data matching (any optimized regex pattern will be appreciated), first part i have completed to match data through regex pattern but i don't know how to parse the same in json format through regex.
Updated 28-Jul-20 2:15am
OriginalGriff 28-Jul-20 4:24am    
And what is your question?
If it's "working perfectly", then what help do you need?
Shambhoo kumar 28-Jul-20 4:37am    
Hi Griff, Thanks for your comment.

Question is "convert matching data into json format through regex".
Dave Kreskowiak 28-Jul-20 10:17am    
That's not a question. What part of this are you having a problem with?

Is it parsing the existing data? Is it representing the data in your code? Is it serializing the data into json? What?
F-ES Sitecore 28-Jul-20 6:57am    
Use the RegEx class' "Matches" method to return a collection of matching hits then process them one by one building your json string. If the format of the data is always the same (same properties) then it might be easier to build a collection of objects with those properties and serialise that collection into JSON.
Shambhoo kumar 28-Jul-20 8:01am    
Hi F-ES, Thanks for your reply, that's the solution i was looking for, it's working perfectly.

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