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Complication error is being thrown on below statements in my vbscript file

Dim dtsnow, currentDate, startDate
Dim dd, mm, yy

'Store DateTimeStamp once
set dtsnow = Now()

'Individual date components
set dd = Right("00" & Day(dtsnow), 2)
set mm = Right("00" & Month(dtsnow), 2)
set yy = Year(dtsnow)

'Build the date string in the format yyyy-mm-dd
set currentDate = yy & mm& dd
set startDate = yy& mm & "01"

I am just trying to take start date of current month and current date in this format "yyyymmdd".... 20200701 and 20200724

session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/cntlCONTAINER/shellcont/shell").focusDate = startDate
session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/cntlCONTAINER/shellcont/shell").selectionInterval = startDate,startDate

What I have tried:

Not able to resolve this error
Updated 3-Dec-21 5:06am
Patrice T 24-Jul-20 12:08pm    
Exact error message please.
show the line of error too.
Member 14636607 24-Jul-20 12:16pm    
i think the error is in this statement

session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/cntlCONTAINER/shellcont/shell").focusDate = startDate
Patrice T 24-Jul-20 12:36pm    
Don't guess !
The error message includes the line number of error in code.
Member 14636607 24-Jul-20 12:42pm    
this line only

session.findById("wnd[1]/usr/cntlCONTAINER/shellcont/shell").focusDate = startDate
Patrice T 24-Jul-20 12:43pm    
Use Improve question to update your question.
So that everyone can pay attention to this information.
By the way, for this message, error can come from previous lines.

1 solution

There would be better ways to write it, though for now, correction/changes to what you wrote that would work:
public class compiler
  shared function Main as integer
    ' Here your code !
    Dim dtsnow As date
    Dim currentDate, startDate As String
    Dim dd, mm, yy As String
    'Store DateTimeStamp once
    dtsnow = Now()
    'Individual date components
    dd = Right("00" & Day(dtsnow), 2)
    mm = Right("00" & Month(dtsnow), 2)
    yy = Year(dtsnow)
    'Build the date string in the format yyyy-mm-dd
    currentDate = yy + mm + dd
    startDate = yy + mm + "01"

    Console.WriteLine ("currentDate:"+currentDate)
    Console.WriteLine ("startDate:"+startDate)

    return 0
  End function
end class
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