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I'm new to this field - but I need to perform a MIDI-to-Wav conversion in C++.Is there a way to know what exactly are the steps involved in MIDI-to-Wav conversion?? I have no idea as of how to start .I cannot find solid sources or research paper as in how to do all that?? Can some one give me clues as in how and where to start? Any help like steps of doing this, any solid source or research paper regarding this conversion will be of much help.

Advance Thanks

Edit 1: Please provide solution oriented around conversion. Not too interested in deep knowledge of either Midi file or wave files

What I have tried:

I have tried reading about midi files, sampling of midi files. Also I got source code of some converter like Timidity++ but that's very large and not understandable.
Updated 25-May-20 1:35am
Rick York 25-May-20 17:48pm    
There is NO direct conversion of MIDI to WAV files. MIDI files must be "rendered" or processed to generate sound using a synthesizer. That is step 1. Then the rendered sound can saved as a WAV file and that is step 2.
[no name] 28-May-20 1:56am    
Thanks Rick

Here are a couple of useful references on MIDI files: Standard MIDI file format, updated[^] and Skytopia: Crash course on the standard MIDI specification (SMF)[^].
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[no name] 25-May-20 7:39am    
Thanks for answering .
It will be of great help if you can please convey the steps involved in conversion
Richard MacCutchan 25-May-20 7:46am    
I have no idea, that is the part that you will be doing.
[no name] 28-May-20 1:56am    
Thanks Richard
A .wav file is something you can listen to directly, whereas a MIDI file is more like sheet music. A MIDI file must therefore be performed to generate a .wav file. There are lots of MIDI applications which do this, from external synthesizers to pure software that you install on your computer. Then it's a question of whether the MIDI "performer" provides the ability to capture its output as a .wav file (or any other "recording" format, like .mp3 or .mp4), or whether you have to do this yourself by, for example, directing the sound output to your computer's sound input jack and recording the result in the same way that you'd record anything else.
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[no name] 25-May-20 7:38am    
Thanks for answering.
But it can be of more help if you can help me in conversion of midi to wave
Greg Utas 25-May-20 7:58am    
I've never done it. You need to decide which MIDI application is best for you and take it from there. For example, I have Sibelius, which is primarily for sheet music but also handles MIDI. And I have external synthesizers. But I've never felt the need to generate a .wav from MIDI.

Well, I did an online search, and this was the first thing that came up:
[no name] 28-May-20 1:55am    
Thanks Greg Utas

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