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i write c++ on visual stduio code on linux mint
when i compile my program that,contains #include<stdio.h>
the compiler tells me
 ApproximationOfpiMain.cpp:1:19: fatal error: studio.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.


What I have tried:

there are red lines under #include<studio.h> that tells:
#include errors detected. Please update your includePath. Squiggles are disabled for this translation unit (/home/adam/Desktop/c++/ApproximationOfpiMain.cpp)
Updated 7-Oct-21 14:16pm

it is called stdio.h, NOT studio.h (I can hear the Gods Of Computer Programming crying...).
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Ahmad Qassym 21-May-20 9:24am    
thanx ,i started writing c++ and running linux 3 days ago,thenceforth i hear the Gods of Computer programming crying every day )))))))))
CPallini 21-May-20 9:29am    
If you are learning C++ then don't use <stdio.h>.
See, for instance
If you're writing C++ instead of C, you should #include <cstdio> rather than <stdio.h>.

But that header is for C strings, whereas <string>[^] is preferable in C++ and will interwork with C strings when necessary.
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CPallini 21-May-20 10:05am    
That header is for C I/O.
Greg Utas 21-May-20 10:29am    
Right! Not sure what I was thinking.
merano99 10-Oct-21 4:11am    
In C ++ it is common to use <iostream> instead of <stdio.h>.

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