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I am getting Debug assertion failed in
delete [] pTransCodeString;
line in VS 2017, it works fine in VS 2010.

void CContentHandler::characters(  const   XMLCh* const    chars
								    , const unsigned int    length)
	char *pTransCodeString = XMLString::transcode(chars);
	CString tempString(pTransCodeString);
	delete [] pTransCodeString;
    m_lastChars += tempString;


Is there any other way to write in 2017?

What I have tried:

I have commented
delete [] pTransCodeString;
this code and it is working fine. but i don't want to comment this... as we just doing only migration... this code is used in many places. please suggest.
Updated 19-May-20 4:32am

Why havent you search for the XMLString documentation???

If you dont like doing research for yourself you should consider stop coding.
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CPallini 5-May-20 13:22pm    
You should use

instead of
delete [] pTransCodeString;
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