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How do I Prevent (OR make it More Hard) unauthorize decoding my Source code in .Net ? And if there are successful tools to Obscure managed Assembles Code , are they as effective as other Programming Languages Native Compilers when build my application to the Native code such as in ex, Delphi or native C++ compilers?

I Like working with Visual Studio , a Nice tool to Build useful softwares BUT its inability to build a rocksolid native exe is the only reson to stop using it. It just make it VERY easy for the Crackers to decode many .Net Applications.

I was Disapointed with Microsoft, they really did a nice work but Leaving the source code Vulnerable in such a way is not accepted, I know that they want it to be working on multiple Devices and to be optimized for the Current CUP of the Machine, BUT what if the developer want to Build a software only for the Windows Desktop app with an Intel Precessor and TO PROTECT HIS HEAVY WORK BY PURE NATIVE CODE?

Thank You.

What I have tried:

now Im working with RAD Studio (Delphi) , really native code that I can depend on ! Waiting for your ideas and suggestions , thank you
Updated 26-Apr-20 8:59am

Three things:
1) Obfuscators are available for .NET to render source code pretty much unreadable, or at least very hard to work out.
2) Who says you can't produce .NET apps in native code? Microsoft doesn't: Compiling Apps with .NET Native | Microsoft Docs[^]
3) Why do you think that a native code EXE file is immune to decompilation? Native x86 Decompilation using Semantics-Preserving Structural Analysis and Iterative Control-Flow Structuring[^] It's not perfect, but it can be done ...
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In addition to Griffs advice, a well known obfuscator is Dotfuscator[^]
and here are some alternatives: obfuscators-for-net-code[^]
However, no obfuscator is perfect, and my experience with Dotfuscator is that using reflection will most of the times cause trouble, you can however exclude parts of your code from obfuscation.
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