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How to access attribute from array based on value exist on attribute ?

I need to access Fn:'Application' inside array of OtherQualification on html angular 7 ?

if it have otherQualification - fn - Application
then print exist
not exist from html
I attached file with post thread

I need to loop within object json on file attached below then get value Application for Fn:Application on html

I already have on ts object name objJson have all object below on file

I need to loop on it

on component.html

I need ngfor objJson get otherqualification - fn :application

if exist

then print message exist


print message not exist


it will be print Exist according to file attached

because if you check other application array attribute fn :application it already exist on file

so it will print Exist

What I have tried:

objJson : any ;
ngOnInit() {      
 this.objJson="what on file attached";  

Updated 11-Feb-20 0:17am
ahmed_sa 11-Feb-20 8:47am    
can any one help me please

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