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I wrote in OnInitDialog:

CToolTipCtrl m_tip;
	m_tip.AddTool(GetDlgItem(IDC_BUTTON9), _T("Tooltip text"));

but tooltip doesn't appear..

What I have tried:

I tried to use a pointer fot tip but it's the same thing
Updated 3-Feb-20 0:20am

You need some steps more to do like, handling the tooltip messages.

Read the CListCtrl and Displaying a Tooltip article and code for the details.
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Member 14594285 3-Feb-20 8:27am    
so I must do a subclass?? it's so longer
Member 14594285 3-Feb-20 10:42am    
I solved, I used pretranslate message, but If I want to show tip inside button?
I suspect it may be because m_tip is a local variable, and goes out of scope at the end of OnInitDialog. Try adding the variable to the CDialog class so it remains for the life of the dialog.
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Member 14594285 3-Feb-20 8:27am    
it isn't that
Richard MacCutchan 3-Feb-20 8:46am    
Well I was largely guessing as I do not have MFC, and it is quite a few years since I used it.
Member 14594285 3-Feb-20 10:41am    
I solved..I wrote:

BOOL CMFCApplication22Dlg::PreTranslateMessage(MSG* pMsg)
return CDialog::PreTranslateMessage(pMsg);

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