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I want to collect data from a Blood Glucose Meter via Bluetooth using VB .Net. I've looked in a couple of Visual Basic and Visual Studio sites and all I find are programs written in C# and C++. Is there any to do it in Visual Basic?

What I have tried:

Haven't tried anything yet as I cant find any code or references on the subject.
Updated 10-Jan-20 5:20am
CHill60 10-Jan-20 11:16am    
If you can find an example in C# (or any other .NET language) then it should be a simple matter to convert it to VB.NET - there are several resources for free on the internet. Once converted you should manually tidy up the code but it should be enough to get you started. C++ is going to be (much) harder to convert to VB.NET
CHill60 10-Jan-20 11:26am    
I'm not a fan of this particular site but there is a example of socket programming VB.NET Socket Programming[^]

and some old stuff CodePlex Archive[^]

1 solution

If you find it working in C#, it will work in VB. There are a couple of sites that can convert the code for you:[^] is the one I use.

But ... even easier is to use the C# code as is: add a reference to the assembly in your VB code and you can use the classes as if they were written in VB already.

Even better: learn C# and stop using VB at all! :laugh:
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