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hi everyone
i look for provider for xml file by oledb
how i can open file xml by ado to DML
or how i can upadte and select and delete and insert this file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<Image Source="sliding_photos/piecemaker1.jpg" Title="Photo Title one">
<text>mostafa elsadany
<hyperlink url="" target="_blank">
<Image Source="sliding_photos/templatemo_940x360_01.jpg" Title="Photo Title Two">
<text> <h1>city care vv add your commint <h1>city care add your commint <h1>city care add your commint
<h1>city care add your commint <h1>city care add your commint
<hyperlink url="" target="_blank">

    <Transition Pieces="9" Time="1.3" Transition="easeInOutQuart" Delay="0.12" DepthOffset="650" CubeDistance="40">
    <Transition Pieces="10" Time="1.1" Transition="easeInOutBack" Delay="0.11" DepthOffset="600" CubeDistance="50">
    <Transition Pieces="14" Time="1.0" Transition="easeInOutBack" Delay="0.08" DepthOffset="750" CubeDistance="40">
    <Transition Pieces="11" Time="1.2" Transition="easeInOutQuart" Delay="0.10" DepthOffset="700" CubeDistance="35">
    <Transition Pieces="15" Time="1.4" Transition="easeInOutQuart" Delay="0.9" DepthOffset="800" CubeDistance="40">


1 solution

Hi Mostafa,

Please refer the below linq to work with XML.

XML Read Write[^]

Working with XML[^]
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Mostafa Elsadany 22-Nov-12 20:37pm    
thanks for help
Mohd. Mukhtar 22-Nov-12 23:31pm    
If it resolve your problem then mark this as your answer.
Mostafa Elsadany 22-Nov-12 23:38pm    
good answer but not solve i want open by ado
oledb provider
thanks for your help

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