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I have a written a full name in one textbox. I want to display the short name in another textbox when clicking on Submit button.
For example: alia ankit sahoo
The result should be a.a.sahoo
Updated 31-Mar-22 10:20am
[no name] 19-Oct-12 7:18am    
Okay and? What would the problem be?
fjdiewornncalwe 19-Oct-12 9:56am    
Please use full words, not text speak. Many of us old codgers really dislike this young guy talk... :)

Assuming that space is the only delimiting character, you could try:
string s = "alia ankit sahoo";
string[] words = s.Split(' ');
for (int i = 0; i < words.Length - 1; i++)
    words[i] = words[i].Substring(0, 1);
s = string.Join(".", words);
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1) Copy full name into a string variable.
2) Convert that string variable to Character Array using .ToCharArray().
3) Use some logic to get desired result from that character array.
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you can do this by using split and then substring

1>first u can spilt full name string by space (' ') so u get tree value in your exapmle

string fullname=alia ankit sahoo;

string[]arry= fullname.split(' ');

now you get tree arry[0]=alia

now you get first caracter of arry[0] and arry[1] and full arry[2]

so you get your resulu

string result=arry[0].Substring(0,1)+"."+arry[1].Substring(0,1)+"."+arry[2];

in result string you get your result string


-Enjoy Coding
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try following code snippet :

String[] strShortName = TextBox1.Text.Split(' ');

string str1 = "";
for (Int16 i = 0; i < strShortName.Length; i++)
    if (i < 2)
        str1 = str1 + strShortName[i].ToString().Substring(0,1) + ".";
        str1 = str1 + strShortName[i];
TextBox2.Text = str1;
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