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I have created one website and host in server, the website is work very well, I Create tables in MS SQL SERVER 2000. In tables all rows and columns data are affected by virus. so how can i remove the virus from table OR how to avoid virus affected in table. Please help me to remove the virus it's very urgent.

Virus data is : "></title><script src="
Updated 24-Oct-18 0:39am

This is called HTML Injection (or Script injection) and the best thing to do is to ensure it doesn't happen at source. Start with Wiki: it will tell you about the subject, including ways to avoid it:[^]

You will have to clean your data yourself by looking at every text field in your database, I'm afraid!
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AshishChaudha 6-Oct-12 3:17am    
A table cannot directly host a virus.
It looks like your server has been infected by a virus - this has in turn corrupted the server.

Try running a virus scanner on your server.

As far as the data is concerned, hope you have a database backup.
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prabaran 6-Oct-12 3:07am    
Thanks abhinav, But i've one doubt this virus should be from our coding side mistake or server side mistake, i didn't understand how the sql tables are affected by virus.
OriginalGriff 6-Oct-12 3:10am    
Not so - this is called HTML injection and in it's most primitive form consists of adding html to your user name which executes whenever anyone else sees your name on the site. Have a look at the wiki entry I sent the OP to!
Abhinav S 6-Oct-12 5:17am    
Fair point.
please apply on dummy database or keep backup

1. you can export tables in xls and replace that string with ''
and then re-import data from xls sheet

2. use sql function to repair data, take visit of this artical,[^]

Happy Coding!
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