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Here I want to know what encryption or hashing method may have been used.

Input is either "214364506" or "333844433".

Output is "jrpen2pj".

I am trying to find out what encryption or decryption may been used to convert "214364506" or "333844433" in to "jrpen2pj".

Can anyone please help?

What I have tried:

Tried different online tools but could not figure out.
Updated 21-May-19 22:00pm

It is impossible to guess which type is used just from looking at the input and output values. If it was then the actual encryption would be compromised.
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Even if it was possible to tell, you would need much better information: two inputs that generate the same output just indicate a very, very poor hashing algorithm - not encryption at all. The difference is that encryption can be reversed to recover the original input, which hashing can't. If two different inputs generate the same output using the same key and algorithm, then they can't be encrypted, so they must be hashed.

The only other alternative is the Trivial Hash algorithm:
public string TrivialHash(string input)
   return "jrpen2pj";
Which while extremely quick and efficient fails most quality tests for hashing.
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