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hi all ,

i am at beginner leve in , m working on .net 3.5 and sql server 2005 ,
i want to make something like

but i just cant understand how this data is publishing in a uniform manner ,
is this a gridview with a CSS viewing all these info ? or this is some other control ??

plx help me ..
Ed Nutting 25-Aug-12 17:01pm    
If you'd used developer tools and looked at the table you'd notice the ID which is"...DataList..." so it is using custom styling (using CSS) and it is probably using a DataList control.


If you're a new developer then this is a complex task for you. People who start with tasks like this, end up asking us to do the work before finally giving up, they never seem to learn.

There's all sorts of data driven controls in ASP.NET from the grid view to the data grid to the repeater. All of them let you design a template for an item. The Repeater has the least features, but the most control. It's the one I would use to lay my data out something like this.

You should really buy a book and work through it or at least work through some articles to understand what you're using and to traject a more sensible path through learning it.
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are you really trying to develop that whole website without any programming background what-so-ever?

maybe try and download a open source CMS or ecommerce website instead. That should make your life easier.

Try one of these:
system  project site
eZ Publish
TikiWiki CMS+Groupware
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syed armaan hussain 25-Aug-12 19:40pm    
but i think working on open source source also need a little bit programmin it seems too advance for me .. i want to learn
i want to learn from scratch .. and i m sure i will do it with u guyz in code project
This page contains Tables,Images,Controle,gridview and also menu list with CSS.
I think this page is an advanced step in ASP Programming , you can do it after passing first steps and connecting with database.... good luck
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syed armaan hussain 25-Aug-12 20:07pm    
means u r saying that the blok at the center of the web page which displaying the data in a uniform manner is a gridview control with a CSS ??
Christian Graus 25-Aug-12 20:46pm    
There's no way to know if it's a gridview. I doubt it is. I bet it's a repeater. All those controls are in ASP.NET and this site has articles on how to use them all.
I think here repeater is used along with the various controls

Dear syed you need to get knowledge about
1) HTML Designing(to create css menu and arraneg the layout)/ you can also use table structure instead of css structure
2)Basic controls like textbox, combobox reapeare etc

Here you can find the basic and advance tutorials[^]
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