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Hi everyone ,
I am trying to write a query in C# to search in the sql table.
the sql query
FROM Customer
WHERE FirstName LIKE '%34%'
or LastName LIKE '%Appiah%'
Or State LIKE '%OH%';

in C# i want it to search for what inside the textbox .
ex. LIKE %textBox.text%
but i don't know how to write it.
Updated 4-Aug-22 9:15am

If you are looking at using LINQ (which would be used with EntityFramework), then would want to use something like string.Contains. Using extension methods with LINQ:

var x = Customer.Where(i => i.FirstName.Contains(x) || i.LastName.Contains(y) || i.State.Contains(z))

If you want exact matches then would use the equal "==" operator instead. Can also created a RegEx expression. As stated above, using SQL statement directly is generally frowned upon because of SQL injection.

What might be another option is to create a SQL proceedure that takes the arguments for FirstName, LastName, and State, and returns those records matching the request.
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string sql = ("SELECT * FROM Customer WHERE (FirstName LIKE \'%" + (txtSearch.Text + "%\')"));
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string query = "SELECT * FROM Product WHERE Name LIKE '%" + txt_SearchBar.Text + "%' OR ID LIKE '%" + txt_SearchBar.Text + "%'";
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Richard MacCutchan 23-May-21 4:10am    
Already answered nine years ago.
Tony Hill 23-May-21 6:17am    
As Richard said this question was answered nine years and your solution is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.
string query = "SELECT * FROM UsersTable WHERE Correo_Electronico LIKE '%" + infoBuscada + "%' OR Documento LIKE '%" + infoBuscada + "%' OR Nombre LIKE '%" + infoBuscada + "%' OR Rol LIKE '%" + infoBuscada + "%'OR Usuario LIKE '%" + infoBuscada + "%'";
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Richard Deeming 5-Aug-22 9:08am    
This question was solved 10 years ago. A new solution adding a SQL Injection[^] vulnerability which wasn't present in the question is NOT a good reason for resurrecting this thread!

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