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hi, i am a musician. my keyboard is working with pcm audio sample files. the company is locking the pcm data to usb sticks. user can load the data to keyboard with this flash drive. if you want to copy the data to another usb disk, you can, but the data is working with only original usb. i want to do the same. i have my own pcm data and i want to protect it like this. the company says we work with only our distrubitors, and the distrubitor in Turkey says you have to pay 9000 € for 100 locked usb sticks. can someone help me? here a locked usb data. just pcm files crypted in the set folder. thank you.
Updated 7-Mar-12 7:50am

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There are several things to look at:
- are the data on the original stick really PCM data, or are the encrypted? I.e. can you play these data with e.g. Windows Media Player, Audacity, etc.?
- the communication between the USB stick and the keyboard. It looks like the keyboard reads some more values from the USB stick, e.g. Vendor ID or Hardware ID, or hidden files. These data provide the proof that you are allowed to use it with your keyboard.
- for what type of use do you want to protect your PCM data? Do you want to prevent that they are played with some PC software, or do you want to make them usable with your keyboard?
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[no name] 8-Mar-12 16:43pm    
thanks for your reply,

when i open the data with a sound editor, i cant hear the sounds. there is just noise. i think the pcm data working with the usb stick's serial number. all protected usb sticks have different encrypted pcm data and i want to do the same thing. you're right, the keyboard is decrypting the pcm data at start up. normally when the data loaded to sample memory, you can save it to keyboard's hd or usb drive. but you can't save the locked data from sample ram. every root the keyboard wants the usb stick when pcm data encrypted. normally you don't have to do it.
here the keyboard's operating system.

thank you again.
paramedıc 4-Sep-16 7:30am    
hello pcm locked usb program ? helpp me

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