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I am using Weifen Luo's excellent DockPanel suite, and I've also posted in the SourceForge forums about this too. I've attempted to step through the code but I'm not that good at Graphics programming.

I was wondering if, by any chance, there might be a way to get Document tabs to look more like VS2010:

<img src="" />

instead of like VS2005:

<img src="" />

Any hints would be appreciated! Thanks
Updated 12-Mar-14 14:46pm
André Kraak 1-Sep-11 12:17pm    
The links you provided ask for authentication.
Brian C Hart 1-Sep-11 14:39pm    
Try them now. I reenabled permissions so that everyone can view those images.
Philippe Mori 1-Sep-11 19:34pm    
Check each property one by one and check if a new version of DockPanel suite is available. If not, then you probably cannot have them without much more effort... It might be preferable to wait next release... if it still maintened or look elsewhere otherwise...
BillWoodruff 2-Sep-11 4:30am    
Both the links you provided time-out and will not display. I am having no other similar problems with any web-site. best, Bill
Brian C Hart 6-Sep-11 11:56am    
You should try adjusting your browsers proxy, because it is coming up fine for me. I've set the images to display to anyone who clicks the links.

Visual Studio UI was done in WPF.

DockPanel Suite is Windows Forms

You can check out Avalon Dock here[^] It was done in WPF. Although the tabs have that VS2005 look to them, although a bit nicer
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CP has articles here on customizing the Tab Control in WinForms (but they are, in general, older articles)[^].
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