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i want code find location by using mobile number in
willempipi 21-Apr-11 3:19am    
I want that code too ;)
Brij 21-Apr-11 3:29am    
What is your question. Do you want the mobile number where it belongs? Or looking for the mobile number tracker kinda things, means currently, where is the mobile number(current location)?
musefan 21-Apr-11 5:19am    
ha ha ha hahahaha haha ha ha ha ... oh no, I little bit of wee came out :(

Oh, and I imagine this would be illegal too

Do you think that even providers are allowed to track someone's location from mobile? Legal? I doubt that...

Further, I am sorry but there is no quick question here. We expect you to put some time in trying the issue that you are facing and then some time in formulating the question while posting here.
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IMHO The best attempt you can do is to check for specific API's on different cell phones... i.e. Blackberry offers their customers the "Blackberry Protect" software which allows somebody with a huge password to locate the phone... Who knows if those apps allow some kind of extension or interconnection with your software...

With "BB Protect" several other things can be done like making it to ring loud to find it, put a special message on the screen...

Of course this approach would make it vital to have the password for each cell phone you'd like to track...

Anyway, I think that Apple also has something similar and surely others will also have it...

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Technically that does not make sense. The "mobile" in mobile phones means just that - that the device is mobile. There are databases you can query (some of them owned by dodgy companies) that looks up land line numbers and gives you name and address details. For mobile phones, there's no real equivalent.
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above is the link. use this link in your project and find location in label and after that pass this label value in Google map by using Google api than you can check your location in MAP.

Thanks .. :)
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[no name] 6-Jun-14 7:25am    
Do you really think that after 3 years, he is still waiting for an answer?
Nirav Prabtani 6-Jun-14 8:17am    
CHill60 6-Jun-14 9:20am    
And only in India! :-)

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