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In my application there are two different application form uses same database and same table of MS access.As soon as data inserted into that table from one application form i want fire select query to display that new record in second application from.

Its a client server once the user on server enter the new record client have to know updated ones...

how to do it any way in C# for that..
Updated 14-Apr-11 22:18pm
Perry Bruins 15-Apr-11 1:57am    
Hmm I have seem to have deleted the first solution, but since it was not applicable anyway it is not a big problem. See for the other solution below...
vishal_h 15-Apr-11 3:17am    
yes thanks for previous response but i my forms are on diff application as the application is client server application....

As you are using Microsoft Access, you are limited in the scope of what you can do. There are two ways that an application can react to changes - one is through a push mechanism, whereby the underlying server pushes out changes to connected applications. The other mechanism is through a pull mechanism, where the applications pull the data they are interested in.

Now, you can't use a push mechanism here because Access is not designed to run as a server based application with knowledge of inbound connections. This means that you are limited to pulling the data - which indicates that you need to monitor the database for changes to records the client is interested in.

My suggestion would be to take a two pronged approach here. The first prong would be to have an updated field/table (with timestamp imfo) in place to identify what has changed. The second prong is to have your application check for changed records (on a background thread), and update itself accordingly.

Unfortunately, there's no easy way round this - there's a lot of code you're going to have to write.
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If the forms are in in the same process, you could use a Semaphore as an interprocess communication feature.

At this time I do not have the time to whip up code, but if you consult MSDN on the usage of those resources you should be able to figure it out.
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Is it necessary to use 2 applications. can't you use 2 forms in single application for this purpose to speed up and easiness.
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vishal_h 15-Apr-11 3:15am    
No its not possible becouze its a client server once the user on server enter the new record client have to know updated ones...

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