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i have two table table1 and table2, table1 have two coloumn id,name and there are three records in table1
id name
7 abc
96 pqr
129 xyz
table1 ids save in table2s mast_id like as 7+96+129
also table2 have two coloumn id,mast_id and one record init
id mast_id
1 7+96+129

whan i retrieve the table2 row it will seprate the mast_id like 7,96 and 129.
Perry Bruins 11-Apr-11 5:45am    
I have absolutely no clue what you want to achieve here, please rephrase your question!

try this ------
declare @Rowresult varchar(80)
select @Rowresult=mastId from table2 where id=1
// @Rowresult='7+96+129'
   SET @csv =@Rowresult;
   with s(start) as(
    SELECT distinct charindex('+','+'+@csv+'+',p)
    select * from
     select row_number() over (order by m1.number) p from master..spt_values m1,master..spt_values m2
    ) z
   where p <=len(@csv)+2) x
    chunks(chunk) as
    substring(@csv,start,(select min(start) from s as s2 where s2.start>s.start)-start-1)
   from s
   where start<len(@csv)+2
    select * from chunks
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Looks like you're concatenating key values to a single column. This should never be done. Instead re-model your tables to contain a foreign key - primary key -like reference.

How to implement that depends if you're talking about data tables in C#, tables in a database or something else. But the basic idea (if I understand the question correctly) would be to have the key from table 1 present in table 2.
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