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if(html == 0)
$("#loginmsg").html('Invalid email Id or Passwords or usertype');
else if(html == 2)
$("#loginmsg").html('Invalid email ');


What I have tried:

i dont't know what is if(html == 0).. eg 0 ,1 ,2 in jquery-ajax in php
Updated 10-Dec-19 1:28am

Looks to me like it might be a response code, and they're customizing messages for it.
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Member 14175143 13-Mar-19 6:43am    
can you send me link i want read this document or live example
MadMyche 13-Mar-19 6:51am    
Where did you find this code?
Member 14175143 13-Mar-19 7:02am

if(data == 0 )
MadMyche 13-Mar-19 7:25am    
You may want to ask the author of the code then. It looks like standard user code so it is however they defined the two sides of that AJAX function
you just need to click alt+f1+f2+f3+f4
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