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I have a folder with 1700+ hyperlinks using the proprietary .webloc format created by the anti-standardizing Apple OS. I want to run a script which converts the lines to the standard format so that they will also run when clicked on a Unix, Linux, or TrueOS/FreeBSD/OpenBSD system. Search engines rewrite my request to do the opposite, or show me ways to wrap a webloc inside HTML tags. I'm on a GNU development critical path so help is greatly appreciated.

Converts file - The Independent News Source for Free-Thinking People.webloc
BRAINFEED.TV - Reclaim Your Brain!.webloc


What I have tried:

I've searched but search engines reverse what I want to do or want to wrap the webloc in HTML tags.
Updated 6-Nov-22 8:58am
Richard MacCutchan 25-Oct-18 4:14am    
I would most probably use awk: capture each string, split on spaces and add the prefix and suffix characters.
Richard Deeming 25-Oct-18 12:46pm    
It looks like webloc files are simply XML files. You just need to parse the file contents and extract the value of the <string> element.

1 solution

From memory something like
# echo -en "https://"
# ls | awk -F' ' '{print $1}'
should work.
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