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When We are trying to load the XML file into oracle table we are getting the below error.
ORA-31061: XDB error: XML event error
ORA-19202: Error occurred in XML processing
In line 1 of orastream:
LPX-00210: expected '<' instead of '¿'

Any help much appreciated

What I have tried:

We’ve tried using sqlloader batch script to load the file into table
phil.o 14-Feb-18 7:11am    
You seem to have an encoding problem: check which encodings are supported by your XML-loading function, and provide it with an XML file which has the correct encoding.
Member 13638770 14-Feb-18 7:53am    
Thanks @phil.0 this is the batch script which im using to load the XML file
echo start/W sqlldr EKB/EKB@EKBPT CONTROL=%CTRLFILE%, LOG="%BATCH_LOG%\editrack_LOG\sqlldr_%YYYYMMDD%%HHMM%.txt",DATA="%FILE%%FileName%",skip=0,errors=0>> %LOG_FILE%
start /w sqlldr EKB/EKB@EKBPT CONTROL=%CTRLFILE%, LOG="%BATCH_LOG%\editrack_LOG\sqlldr_%YYYYMMDD%%HHMM%.txt",DATA="%FILE%%FileName%",skip=0,errors=1,load=1
phil.o 14-Feb-18 7:57am    
As I said, check which encoding the XML file currently has. Popular text editors, like Notepad++ for example, allow you to check which encoding a specific file is written with.
Member 13638770 14-Feb-18 7:58am    
As the file is 550MB we're not able to open it in Notepad++. As per my knowledge encoding of the file has Binary mode
Member 13638770 14-Feb-18 8:12am    
UTF-8 is the encoding type of my XML. How could i verify whether it will be supported by my xml-loading function?

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