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I would rate myself as somewhat an experienced web developer, however, most of my expertise focuses on the back-end/busiless logic layer sides of websites. Usually, the graphic-design of my website is left to someone else on the team who generates beautiful jQuery/JavaScript/AJAX enabled content that has HTML5 and CSS for me, or ASP.NET-ready Twitter Bootstrap/Razor stuff and it's handed to me and then I make it "live" by attaching the back-end code.

Fast-forward to today. I have my own business, and I really like the website-building tools that are out there, such as etc. that you make beautiful websites with all the latest features etc.

I am really trying to find a 100% web based, WYSIWYG, website interface/UX builder that will allow me to first drag-and-drop on the page to beautifully design my own front-end content myself and then it's content that I can then export to the jscript/css/html/boostrap/razor etc. that I need to then just wire up to my database and business logic.

It has to be compatible with ASP.NET MVC because that is the toolset i am choosing to do my web development in. Anyone have any pointers?

Here is a screen shot of the Wix Website Editor that i am talking about. What I'd hope to get is something as functional as this, but for my own ASP.NET app's front end.

Screenshot of the WiX Website Builder[^]

What I have tried:

I have gone over lots of YouTube content such as on SERENE/Serenity, Bootstrap+InVision+Sketch and etc. I am wondering where else I might find something that someone hopefully has already implmeneted as a cloud-based app that allows me to just whip together the front-end by visually designing it, and placing all the elements where I want them, and then clicking "Export" to export to HTML/CSS/JScript etc. to then just wireup to my ASP.NET MVC Controller and Model.

Updated 12-Nov-22 22:03pm
F-ES Sitecore 15-Feb-18 10:25am    
Well Wix have built an entire international business around that editor allowing them to mount multi-million pound advertising campaigns and hire a warehouse full of developers into the bargain....but I'm sure there's a free component out there that you can use that does the exact same thing but with no effort at all. You'll probably find it on the same site that will give you a search engine just like google and a blog platform just like twitter.


It might be more realistic for you to either learn css etc, pay a free-lancer designer who can also build css, or use a pre-built template from one the sites like 99 Designs, Template Monster etc.
Brian C Hart 26-Feb-18 11:42am    
Don't patronize me, I am a fellow developer just like you and I have been using that funny little search site like Google etc. Just thought the Code Project community might have some suggestions. I am used to how it is like with Windows Forms, where you can use a drag and drop Designer in the IDE to put together your GUI and then you wire it up to code. I am not ignorant, just lazy :-)
Karthik_Mahalingam 8-Mar-18 3:32am    
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Member 15829591 13-Nov-22 3:04am    
Any luck with it. I'm searching for the same thing and would appreciate if you reached something.
adriancs 13-Nov-22 22:12pm    
You can use webflow >>

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