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I have a requirement where I need to cache data base in my application because it has many record which I need to query again and again which take lot of resources of computer.

we want to cache table and then query it again.

this we need to achieve in Biztalk Map

What I have tried:

can cache in dataset.
or Entity object but will it work with biztalk mao.

Updated 14-Sep-17 3:48am

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You're thinking about this backwards. You don't cache the table so you can query it locally. That will actually make it MORE intensive because you're no longer using the SQL engine that was designed to do query operations very efficiently.

You cache the results of queries to reuse them later, not the database table to query.
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Foothill 14-Sep-17 10:41am    
I agree. The best approach would be to analyze the queries and indexes of the target table to maximize efficiencies at the database. If queries are taking a long time to find data, it could be using a poorly written query or the database is creating the necessary indexes to find the data on each query call. Good indexes are key to fast queries.

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