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im read about interset /intersetWith ,
but i dont see this method ..
im search for two hours but i dont find anything..

What I have tried:

// i have rectangle object
Rectangle a = new Rectangle();
Rectangle b = new Rectangle();

// then i try to check if "a" touch "b" using Intersect method and i dont see him ..
Updated 12-Aug-17 18:41pm
PIEBALDconsult 12-Aug-17 17:03pm    
Not enough information. Which framework/library? Please use "improve question" to add context, detail, and correct the spelling of "intersect".

Google Search turned up a number of useful links: uwp 2d collision detection - Google Search[^]

UPDATE 1: Thanks for the downvote. Obviously, whoever gave a poor vote did not take the time to click on the link. Tonnes of examples, of which there was no need for me to copy and paste here, including videos like this one showing you how:

* UWP Game Dev - Collision Detection - YouTube[^]

UPDATE 2: UWP actually has a Rect​Helper Class[^] with an Intersect(Rect, Rect) method:
Returns the areas of two specified Rect values that intersect, as a new Rect. C# and Microsoft Visual Basic code should use Intersect instead.
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At the end of primary school, every one can tell if 2 rectangles touch each others without drawing them.
Take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Use your brain and solve the problem by hand. Since Harry Potter didn't gave you the solution, there is no magic, and the solution didn't jump to your face.
You solved the problem by following a procedure, that procedure is your algorithm. You need to write down the steps in a mechanical manner (computer like). The program will follow those steps.

We do not do your HomeWork.
HomeWork is not set to test your skills at begging other people to do your work, it is set to make you think and to help your teacher to check your understanding of the courses you have taken and also the problems you have at applying them.
Any failure of you will help your teacher spot your weaknesses and set remedial actions.
Any failure of you will help you to learn what works and what don't, it is called 'trial and error' learning.
So, give it a try, reread your lessons and start working. If you are stuck on a specific problem, show your code and explain this exact problem, we might help.

As programmer, your job is to create algorithms that solve specific problems and you can't rely on someone else to eternally do it for you, so there is a time where you will have to learn how to. And the sooner, the better.
When you just ask for the solution, it is like trying to learn to drive a car by having someone else training.
Creating an algorithm is basically finding the maths and make necessary adaptation to fit your actual problem.

The idea of "development" is as the word suggests: "The systematic use of scientific and technical knowledge to meet specific objectives or requirements."[^]
That's not the same thing as "have a quick google and give up if I can't find exactly the right code".

im search for two hours but i dont find anything..

Sometimes, it get just faster to build your own solution rather than Googling for hours.
When you are given 2 rectangles, finding if they are separated, touching, insect or overlapping are all problems using variations of the same logic.
Get 2 rectangles A=(1,1,2,3) and B=(5,5,6,7), just by looking at coordinates, your brain tell you that they are separated.
Think about the logic you just used, your program will use the same logic.
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BillWoodruff 13-Aug-17 2:22am    
Voted #1 for being an unhelpful comment, not a solution. Also reported as abuse for your unwarranted insulting of the OP.
Patrice T 13-Aug-17 4:43am    
Hi Bill, The downvote don't make me happy, but I appreciate that you give a reason of your vote, at least I know what you dislike.
"your unwarranted insulting": not the intend, may be linked to the fact that English is not my primary language.
I know, I tend to get a little upset when I see such questions that can be rephrased as "I come here because I was unable to find a full blowup solution on internet for such a basic problem.", the OP completely forget the "build your own solution" part of the job of programmer.
MarkOO7 28-Jun-21 9:35am    
Agreed with Patrice T. This is warranted comment, unfortunately, people have to be reminded to think and come up with their own solutions.
You need to use the 'RectHelper Class [^] in Windows.UI.Xaml which provides 'Intersect(Rect,Rect) and other useful methods.
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Graeme_Grant 13-Aug-17 1:16am    
Yes, I did already mention that... ;)
BillWoodruff 13-Aug-17 2:20am    
Hi, Graeme, At the time I wrote this reply, I had not seen your edit of your post; if I had I would not have posted this.

cheers, Bill
Graeme_Grant 13-Aug-17 2:41am    
All good ... does not take much to find solutions using Google Search. ;)

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