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Hi. I did read about the System.Object from the Microsoft Docs but I didn't understand one thing. Okay I know that every class in .NET implicitely inherits from System.Object and I know that when I pass a value type to object variable its getting wrapped by the System.Object and is allocated to the managed heap but what happens when I pass to the System.Object a reference type ? Is it going to be re-boxed or ?

Btw also one additional question: How I am able to pass everything i want to object of the System.Object ?

What I have tried:

Reading the Microsoft's Documentation
Updated 2-Jul-17 10:02am

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Maybe this article will clear things up: C# 4.0 Tutorial: System.Object - 2016[^]
When we cast between a value type and object, the CLR must perform some special work to bridge the difference in semantics between value and reference types. This process is called boxing and unboxing.
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