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I am using URL Mapping showed in tried section. works fine in visual studio,but when i go to deployment in IIS 7.5 it says 404 error resource not found & i also try rewrite rules & rewrite map
still not not work.
I am in puzzle.please help me.


What I have tried:

its .

<urlMappings enabled="true">

  <add  url="~/User/Dashboard" mappedUrl="~/UserManagement/Default.aspx"/>
  <add  url="~/Employee/employee" mappedUrl="~/Employee_Personal/employee.aspx"/>
  <add  url="~/Requistion/Product" mappedUrl="~/Requistion/product.aspx"/>
  <add  url="~/Requistion/Vehicle" mappedUrl="~/Requistion/vehicle-details.aspx"/>
  <add  url="~/Requistion/Supplier" mappedUrl="~/Requistion/supplier.aspx"/>
  <add  url="~/Requistion/Driver" mappedUrl="~/Requistion/driver.aspx"/>
  <add  url="~/Requistion/Requisition" mappedUrl="~/Requistion/requisition.aspx"/>
  <add  url="~/Requistion/Requisition-Approve" mappedUrl="~/Requistion/approve-requisition.aspx"/>
  <add  url="~/Requistion/Gate-Pass" mappedUrl="~/Requistion/gate-pass.aspx"/>
  <add  url="~/Requistion/Requsition-Car" mappedUrl="~/Requistion/requistion-for-car.aspx"/>
  <add  url="~/Requistion/Requsition-Car-Approve" mappedUrl="~/Requistion/approve-requistion-car.aspx"/>

I have googled lots of time & try

              <remove name="Rewrite rule1 for StaticRewrites" />
              <rule name="Redirect rule1 for StaticRewrites">
                  <match url=".*" />
                      <add input="{StaticRewrites:{REQUEST_URI}}" pattern="(.+)" />
                  <action type="Redirect" url="{C:1}" appendQueryString="false" />
              <remove name="StaticRewrites" />
              <rewriteMap name="StaticRewrites">
                  <add key="~/Employee_Personal/employee" value="~/Employee_Personal/employee.aspx" />
Updated 8-Sep-22 17:06pm

1 solution

For the URL rewriting rules, you'll need to install the URL Rewrite module on the server:
URL Rewrite : The Official Microsoft IIS Site[^]

For the URL mappings, you might need to install this hotfix[^], or apply one of the workarounds to ensure that ASP.NET is invoked for extensionless URLs:
Using ASP.NET 4.0 Extension-less Routing on IIS 7.5 – Sven Aelterman[^]
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