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Good Day Everyone. Please I Am Relatively New To C# Programming. Please I Want To Send A Request To An API and It will likely return the response in XML Format. Just One Value. Please How Do I Send The Request And Also Parse That Response To My TextBox.Please I am just a beginner to C#. Thank You For Your Responses

What I have tried:

Nothing Yet. Dont Even Know The Basics To Use.
Updated 19-Jan-17 1:28am
Richard Deeming 19-Jan-17 11:38am    
Every API varies in how you call it. Without knowing the specifics, we can't tell you how to call it.

Does the API not have documentation on how to make requests?

1 solution

Nothing yet to help you....

1. Learn coding basics for the given language/environment
2. Learn the technology for your for your specific problem: like, Services, TCP, XML-Parsing and creation...
3. Write code to solve your problem
4. If you get stuck - come here again (or ohter place to find help) with some Code and some knowledge about your problem - at least you should be able to name what you don't know.
5. Repat until the end of your coding-career.
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chiomajoshua 21-Jan-17 19:04pm    
Thank You Sir. Really Appreciate The Directives.

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