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Hi all!

i want to remove ctl00$ from button control NamingContainer when using masterpage.

What I have tried:

I tried to remove ctl00$ from server side button's name and id by overriding it's NamingContainer like:
namespace NoName
   public class MatchingNameButton : Button
        public override Control NamingContainer
                return null;

and then registered that in aspx page:
<%@ Register TagPrefix="MatchingNameHtmlTextWriter" Namespace="NoName" Assembly="app_code" %>

and then button comes like this:
<MatchingNameHtmlTextWriter:MatchingNameButton runat="server" Text="btnTest" ID="btnTest" OnClick="btnTest_Click" />

and output is this:
<input type="submit" name="btnTest" value="btnTest" onclick="javascript:WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions('btnTest', '', true, '', '', false, false))" id="btnTest">

this way is good for removing control path. but using this will prevent btnTest_Click event!
and it's so bad for me.
my question is: how should i keep button events in this way?
my .net version is 4.5
all helps will be appreciated.
Updated 6-Jan-17 8:06am

1 solution

You can set the ClientIDMode.

Control.ClientIDMode Property (System.Web.UI)[^]
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Masoud__Sh 6-Jan-17 16:52pm    
ClientIDMode will keep ID as entered by designer. but i need to keep Button name like Button ID.
for example, asp:Button runat="server" ID="btnTest" at runtime comes to:
input type="submit" name="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder$btnTest" id="btnTest"

but this is what i want: input type="button" name="btnTest" id="btnTest"

I did it by overriding NamingContainer as well like this article for .net 2.0:

this article will help to keep Button name Like it's ID in output:

input type='submit' name='btnTest' value='Button' onclick='javascript:WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions('btnTest', '', true, '', '', false, false))' id='btnTest'

it's what i want and will make a tight control.
but the problem is when user clicks on this overrided button, the Click event will not fire. and i dont know where is the problem?

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