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Hi ,

I have scnerio where i want to make one field computed observable if check box is clicked if not then whatver user writes into it that should store into that field

Address 1 :-
Address 2 :-

Check box :- is same as above

Mailing address :-

now here what i want to do is if check box is checked then whatver user has entred should be same as above value. If not then user can enter differnt mailing address

What I have tried:

//clientViewModel.client_mailingAddress = ko.computed(function () {
// if (clientViewModel.client_isMailingAddressReadOnly()) {
// return clientViewModel.client_AddressLine1() + ' ' + clientViewModel.client_AddressLine2() + ' ' + clientViewModel.client_AddressLine3()
// }

here check box works perfctl but now when check box not checked and if i enter something for my maling address that takes it as undefined..
Updated 14-Jul-16 17:46pm

1 solution

If you want to make your computed observable writable as well then you have to use purecomputed , it works as same but only differnce is here you get the access t write as well

chemistViewModel.chemist_mailingAddress = ko.pureComputed({
        read: function () {
            if (chemistViewModel.chemist_isMailingAddressReadOnly()) {
                var updatedAddress = chemistViewModel.chemist_AddressLine1() + ' ' + chemistViewModel.chemist_AddressLine2() + ' ' + chemistViewModel.chemist_AddressLine3();
                return updatedAddress;
            else {
                var updatedAddress = chemistViewModel.chemist_mailingAddressWritable();
                return updatedAddress;
        write: function (value) {
            if (!chemistViewModel.chemist_isMailingAddressReadOnly()) {
        owner: this
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