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Hi all,

I upgraded to a new Android Studio version and since then I tried signing my APK again and it does not want to work. It keeps giving me the message "Keystore has been tampered with, or password was incorrect"

I know my password is right. I read online that special characters could be the cause of this and my password contains "@". I tried everything. How can I reset my password without entering it(Because it does not want to take the password) so that I can change it to something without an "@" so I can update my app on the Play Store??


What I have tried:

All commands using keytool to change password, but my password won't change without entering the old one.
Richard Deeming 20-Apr-16 15:15pm    
I would hope that you can't! Can you image how insecure the system would be if anyone could reset your password without entering the old one first?!
Christopher Smit 20-Apr-16 15:19pm    
I understand that. But what other options do I have? I need to upload a new release and creating a new keystore obviously will not work as the certificates would differ. I do not want to unpublish the app as I have users on it already. There has to be a way to resolve this. There were never any warnings regarding this. I just need a way to access it then to change the password and remove the special character. ANYTHING...
raddevus 9-May-22 14:57pm    
It's a long time since this has been posted, but I've been thru this problem also (and had to entirely reset my app & lost my users). This was about to happen again, as AndroidStudio was telling me that the keystore was tampered with or I had wrong password. I knew it wasn't wrong password because it is stored in a password manager.
I stumbled upon a fix however & wrote it up at:

The thing that fixed it was running the command-line keytool app like:
$ keytool -list -keystore 'fakeNmae.jks' -storepass fake-password-same-one-i-used-in-android-studio

except, of course, using the real password & keystore file name.
After that AndroidStudio built the signed APK & I couldn't believe it.
Mike (Prof. Chuck) 26-May-16 3:45am    
That hint might come late - but always have a backup of your keystore OFFLINE (on a usb stick for instance) that is kept secure and far away of all OS-updates, file system changes, IDE updates, etc.
With this you can always get your "original" keystore back.

Unfortunately this will not help in your situation, because you'd have restored your keystore already if you had such a backup.
Richard Deeming is right. You can't.
Would make all keystores and security completely obsolete if you would be able to reinitialize a keystore with a new password without telling the old one first.

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