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In Delphi, I could call functions dynamically using it's name like this:

  TQScrFuncType = function(Args: TQList): TQVar of Object;
  TQScriptFunctions = class
    function Add(Args: TQList): TQVar;
    function Call(MName: String; Args: TQList): TQVar; Virtual;


function TQScriptFunctions.Add(Args: TQList): TQVar;
  //Do something...

function TQScriptFunctions.Call(MName: String; Args: TQList): TQVar;
  Md: TMethod;
  Md.Code := Self.MethodAddress(MName);
  Md.Data := Pointer(Self);
  Result := TQScrFuncType(Md)(Args);

The TQScriptFunctions.Call could call a function from it's name, I'm trying to port it to D, The D Language.
How do I do this in D, I have the name of a function in a string, and the arguments too, how do I call that function?

What I have tried:

I thought of putting the names and pointers to the functions in arrays, then search the array for that function name, and execute the function through it's pointer. It worked, but the problem is I have over 100 functions, that'll make things harder, and waste memory, and maybe slower (because it'll search for a string in a list of hundreds). Delphi is natively compiled, so is D, there should be a way to do this.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 28-Mar-16 2:16am    
You are right, Delphi is natively compiled, so the function/method names are, generally, stripped out of executable code.
Would would you want such feature.
Delphi has very powerful reflection, more powerful than that of .NET, but it works differently, without method names.
Generally, every technique based on some hard-coded names is flawed from the very beginning, bad for maintenance.
What do you need to achieve, ultimately?

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