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We have developed a Windows Desktop HTML/XSL editing application, written in C++ using MFC/ATL/COM technologies, relying heavily on MSHTML's IHTML* COM interfaces, like IHTMLElementPtr, IHTMLDocumentPtr, IWebBrowser2, and so on, making it easy for an end user to build a website.

We are now looking at using EdgeHTML instead of MSHTML in our application. I have been searching for examples of how to create a simple editing application using EdgeHTML written in C++ to get started with finding out what's needed and how EdgeHTML works as an HTML editor. I have been unsuccessful in finding anything useful, ie, a full sample application.

We have to use C++ as our programming language.

Can anyone please help us in how to get started, ie, explain, provide or suggest where I can find a useable, functioning sample application as described above?

All we need is something to get started with.

Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

Google search of html editor edgehtml, but nothing useful has been found... yet
Updated 4-Jun-20 7:55am
Arthur V. Ratz 21-Mar-16 2:39am    
And one more question: why do you actually need html for Microsoft Edge browser. Is there any difference between IE html and Edge html since they both are developed by Microsoft ??
MrT33 21-Mar-16 21:11pm    
We want to take advantage of HTML5 standards and make them available to our users. MSHTML embedded in an application doesn't do this by default. The changes required to get MSHTML to support HTML5 standards are fairly large due to the original design many years ago, a design deeply embedded in the product.

We are hoping that a move to EdgeHTML will make HTML5 standards available, but we need to test it first.

We can not rewrite the application from scratch. We need to replace MSHTML with EdgeHTML in the existing application. And yes, we are aware that EdgeHTML is only supported on Windows 10 and we will need to keep using MSHTML on previous version of Windows.
Arthur V. Ratz 22-Mar-16 0:48am    
+5. Good comment. Very clear.
MrT33 22-Mar-16 23:47pm    
Thank you :)
Arthur V. Ratz 22-Mar-16 0:30am    
I'm not sure, but it seems to me that you have to use Windows 10 SDK to be able to use EdgeHTML.

Just try using the latest version Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge browser support. You can also download and try Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 Seattle, which fully supports Windows 10 development features.
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I do not think that you can host a Edge instance in your application
That will not provide anything useful ,even if you can

If you need some HTML5 support then you can use CEF[^] BSD-licensed

I am not sure wheter CEF has a build-in editing support ,
but you can implement a javascript based designer if build-in support does not exist , just like online layout designers
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Put this meta tag in your html's <head>:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">

That is all. Nothing will change with editing because edge doesn't have an editor. But at least it will display HTML5 correctly.
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