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I currently have an application which was built by 3rd party on Microsoft MVC platform.

I am trying to get the application to run on my environment but i am having some issus getting the application to run

They have a 32bit version of of the Oracle.dataAccess.dll refrenced in the application, my operating system is 64bit, i have another application in the project which references the 64 bit dll.

on the server i have .Net4.0 Oracale Data Access Client 64bit installed.

I have tried various ways of trying to get the application to run but keep getting the issue with the 32bit is there a way i could convert the 32bit to 64 bit?

What I have tried:

I have tried removing the reference and adding the 64bit as a reference rebuilding the application but this still has not been successful, i get a badimage error if i do this any ideas?
Updated 2-Mar-16 0:36am
dan!sh 29-Feb-16 4:45am    
Are you compiling specifically for 32-bit computers? Check the build configuration of the project.
IsiR_19 29-Feb-16 4:50am    
No i am compiling using any CPU
webmaster442 29-Feb-16 12:33pm    
On the build options uncheck the "Prefer 32 bit" checkbox. Place the 64bit dll next to the app, and theoretically you're done.

1 solution

If you want to change the bitness of an Asp.Net application you need to open up IIS Manager and select the application pool your application uses.
Then click advanced settings and change the "Enable 32-Bit Applications" setting.

The reason for enabling 32-Bit applications is usually that you can't use 64-bit web applications with Visual Studio.
A common solution is to add the Oracle.DataAccess.dll to the bin catalog and reference the file, and when you publish the application on a 64-bit server you simply exchange the dll for the 64 bit version.

Yet another way is to exchange the Oracle.DataAccess.dll for Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll which doesn't care about bitness or even having the client installed.
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