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I want to remove email field from CreateUserWizard. I removed email by adding 'requiresUniqueEmail="false" ' to web.config and setting 'Enables="false" ' of 'EmailRequired'.
But now my concern is how user can get his password when he reset password by ForgotPassword using 'PasswordRecovery'.
I want to send that password by sms to user's mobile number instead of on his email id.
How can I get either the decrypted password from aspnet_Membership table or send decrypted password on mobile number instead of email id.

What I have tried:

1) I have tried to decrypt password using password & password salt from aspnet_Membership table.
2) Tried code as per below article,it shows decryptionKey s wrong.
DotNetSteve 13-Feb-16 10:14am    
It seems as though you have two issues your trying to address. 1. How can I store a phone number to send a password to and 2. I want to decrypt the password and send it back via sms.

I personally would re-think sending a password. Your opening yourself up to an attack vector for stealing passwords. You should create a new password and force a password reset on login.

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